Today we all know that the income from the voice calls are decreasing and Data, SMS traffic over the GSM/GPRS/3G is increasing. How are you going to keep the company profitable while the voice calls income is decreasing and the costs are high? Moreover how are you going to keep the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) high? What are the services to keep your customers as well as the local authorities such as government organizations and universities, etc…satisfied and loyal?

The same question arises in minds of all Communication Service Provider (GSM, Telecom, xSP, etc…) managers everyday.

Not only CSPs but enterprises are being challenged with the variety and complexity of different messaging solutions.

So when we look at the Messaging Solutions such as E-mail, SMS, WAP, MMS, Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging, etc… we can talk about an Echo-System. They are completely for different purposes. However, need to be implemented together. One application can be used heavily for the sake of other applications.

ME Solutions, with its experienced team is a turnkey solution provider for the CSP and enterprise markets, providing scalable, reliable and secure messaging solutions.